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From reforms to new builds - All works considered.
Construction, Tiling, Electrics, Plumbing and Roofing.
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We offer a variety of domestic solar system solutions.

Est. Since 2000

CBS is a fully legal company covering all aspects of building work both internal and external, and garden landscaping work. Established since 2000 in Spain, covering the Costa Azahar and Costa Blanca regions.

Fully Legal

We can also offer you a fully legal service for work permits, architects, surveys etc. (as is necessary) with an efficient, reliable, skilled workforce. References are available from previous satisfied customers.

All Work Considered

All work is considered and no job is too small, so please do not hesitate in contacting us with any enquiry you may have. We are always pleased to assist you...

Internal Work

From simple painting jobs to total renevations, you can be assured of a reliable, friendly and professional approach from CBS. Using locally sourced materials and expert advice for all your interior decorating. We help guide you through the process with no unexpected hidden charges. All works undertaken, weather it be for decoration or internal structural changes. With a long term proven history, our quality reigns paramount.
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External Work

At CBS we can project manage all aspects of your building requirements relieving you of the head aches and most importantly, saving you both time and money in the process. All without any compromise of quality. We keep you regularly informed and up to date. We also cater for all your general garden requirements, pool maintenance, garden clearance, landscaping and so much more...
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Please do not hisitate in contacting us with any enquiry.
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Solar Power Systems

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Grid Tied Systems. These systems are always connected to a secure power supply [Local Grid]. During daylight hours you are feeding power from your solar panels through your inverter into your home and the local grid through your mains switchboard. Any excess power is always fed back to the grid for storage. This is a cheaper option than installing a battery back up system. Major plus is being paid for any extra energy you produce.
Solar Off Grid System This system is entirely free from the public power network. The off grid system has a reliable battery backup for overcast days and night hours.
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Solar Hot Water Solar hot water is quite different from solar photovoltaics. A solar collector concentrates the suns rays to heat water, which makes a closed loop through the heating tank. The hot water is passed through a tank that contains a heat exchanger,as heat is exchanged in the tank the water is pumped back up to the solar collector.
Solar Pool Heaters Your swimming pool water is pumped into the pipes of the solar collectors and the suns rays heat the water directly in the collectors which then passes back into your swimming pool.
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Solar panels work in many types of climates, Solar panels are actually a little more efficient when it is cooler outside. You will get most solar power on a clear sunny day,but your panels wont stop working when it’s cloudy. Solar power is one of the best home improvements you can make,it is a way to save money,and even make money. You will slash your electricity bills,and there are government grants available to help with your initial installation costs. An average solar power system returns 2-4 times its cost in saved electricity bills. It will pay itself back between 2-10 years, depending on your local situation.